Filmmakers Special Edition 8.5x11 / paperback 100 pages ​​​​​​​
SPECIAL EDITION OF CINEMA NOTEBOOKS includes (Director´s notebook template + Cinematographer’s notebook template + Producer´s notebook template).
Specially design for Filmmakers, films students (directors, producers, DP, Script supervisor, assistant director, camera, crew members). It is a simple but yet very important notebook to create movies. It is design for filmmakers who actually make movies (shorts or Features) that work in more than one film area, and want a simple but organize way to tell their story. (It has 3 types of templates design for filmmakers).
The notebook has 150 pages, laminated cover and glossy finish (8.5x11). You can also find more CINEMA NOTEBOOKS FOR CINEMA ARTISTS at amazon (cinematographers notebook, directors notebook, producers notebook,). "it is not a professional book but it helps you work professionally" JSV designer.
Filmmakers around the world are using the Cinema Notebooks for Cinema Artist’s collection for the beginning of their creative process. The Filmmakers special edition notebook works as a logbook for the (breakdown) process, creating shots and logging cinematic information. This notebook is ideal for “personal working needs”. The Filmmakers special edition notebook can be use by crewmembers that want to keep it simple and organize.
Original collection of Cinema Notebooks for Cinema Artists has the Cinema Artists logo printed at the back cover of the notebook.
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