Director's Kids Notebook 8.5x11 / paperback 100 pages ​​​​​​​
Specially design for kids that want to become directors or professional directors that want to have the notebook they never had as a kid.
REMEMBER this is a KIDS notebook. Including in the inside a (Quick study of the basic 3 types of shots, Games, Movie credits template and line across pages to write a story).
This is NOT a literature book to learn filmmaking because it is a professional degree that can be achieve as a bachelor, a master or even a PHD. Still its the only notebook in the Cinema Notebooks for Cinema Artists Collection with a interactive game that introduces the kid to filmmaking. REMEMBER this is a Notebook for KIDS that want to play in the director position of a movie.
The notebook has 100 pages in a laminated paperback cover with glossy finish 8.5x11, interior in B&W.
IF you are a professional filmmaker and want an advance notebook, check our entire collection of CINEMA NOTEBOOKS FOR CINEMA ARTISTS at amazon (cinematographers notebook, directors notebook, filmmakers SPECIAL EDITION notebook). "I design a notebook I wanted to have as a kid dreaming to become a director" JSV designer.
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