Screenwriters Notebook 8x5x11 / paperback 100 pages 
Specially design for Screenwriters, Directors, Writers, films students and filmmakers. It is a simple but yet very important notebook to write movies and keep track of ideas (including a template with Acts, Characters and Synopsis as a logbook for new stories, a character creator for character development, and extra lined paper).
This is NOT a literature book to learn screenwriting OR to write an entire story. It is design for Screenwriters that are already working on a script and want to keep track of NEW ideas for future stories.
The notebook has 1OO pages in laminated paperback cover with glossy finish (8.5x11).
"I found myself losing ideas because I had so many notebooks. If I wanted to go back to a character or a story I had created years ago it was almost impossible. This notebook helps you keep track of more than 30 different ideas that I´m sure you will create over the years." JSV designer.
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