Script Supervisor Notebook 8.5x11 / paperback 100 pages
Be ready for a perfect shooting by taking track of all of the continuity notes. The Script Supervisor Notebooks is a great tool to keep continuity reports organized and professional. Now you can create your movie using a specially design notebook that assist you in your creative process. Concentrate in what matter the most… the storytelling.
This is NOT a literature book to learn filmmaking. It is design for Script Supervisors who actually work in movies (shorts or Features), and want a simple but organize way to tell their story.
The notebook has 100 pages in a laminated paperback cover with glossy finish (8.5x11).
You can also find more CINEMA NOTEBOOKS FOR CINEMA ARTISTS at amazon (cinematographers notebook, directors to do notebook, filmmakers SPECIAL EDITION notebook). "it is not a professional book but it helps you work professionally" JSV designer.
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